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Product Details

This is the new limited edition 50th Anniversary Endless Summer Surfers’ Chess Set. Designed by Huntington Beach surfer / artist Dave C Reynolds and officially licensed by Bruce Brown Films.

This unique chess set celebrates the most iconic surf movie of all time…The Endless Summer! Only 1,966 of these incredible chess sets will be made. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by Dave.

Dave is the owner of SURFTROPHY. Since 1988 he has built more surf trophies than anyone in history. From local surf clubs up to the World Surf League Tour, Dave has designed and built trophies for 1,000’s of surf contests all over the world.

The beautiful inlay bamboo chess board is 22” x 22”and 3/4" thick with 2 inch squares. The Endless Summer and Bruce Brown Films logos are laser etched into each of the 4 sides. The mahogany and birch squares are surrounded by a custom bamboo trim. Each table comes with retro style “hairpin” legs and is 24” high after assembly.

Every chess piece is weighted and has a felt lined underside. The 3 1/2" high pawns are little skimboards on a pile of stones. The 2 3/4" rooks are cool little surf shacks. Complete with surfboards leaning against the walls. The 3” high knights are replicas of the panel van that took Bruce Brown, Robert August and Mike Hynson to the perfect waves at South Africa’s Cape St. Francis. Owned and driven by big game expert Terence of Africa. The bishops are 6" high replicas of Mike Hynson’s Hobie surfboard and Robert August’s Jacobs surfboard. Special thanks to Hap Jacobs and the Hobie Alter family for use of their respective logos. The 7 1/2” high queen is a sleek and sexy Hawaiian koa wood big wave gun. The queens leis are hand painted by Dave. The king is the Big Kahuna in this amazing set! An impressive 8 inch high pine, redwood and mahogany model of a 1930’s Pacific Systems plank style surfboard. Included on both sides is the official 50th Anniversary Endless Summer logo.

Every 50th Anniversary Endless Summer Surfers’ Chess Set comes in a small wood shipping crate. Just like Bruce Brown used to protect his cameras and equipment. Box label on the front says “PROPERTY OF BRUCE BROWN FILMS”. On top of the box are travel tags from all the countries they visited. South Africa, New Zealand, Tahiti, Australia and Hawaii. Inside the box lid is a custom mini poster signed and numbered by Dave. This set even comes with signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity. This incredible chess set is sure to be an instant collectors item and is sure to quickly go up in value. Worthy of passing down to the next surf loving generation in your family.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1966 Endless Summer release we are only making 1,966 of these collectible works of art. To make your set even more special you can choose the number of your set. #????/1,966. It can be a birthdate, anniversary or the year you learned to surf! You choose! If it’s not taken already you get it! (please don’t ask for #0001).

Is this just a game? Is it a piece of furniture? Is it a conversation piece? Is it a collectors item? YES!!! 

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