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Condition: Almost new. Has been opened and tried. 

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Original description:
The Exclusive Luxe Edition is the first luxury Online chess computer to connect you with chess partners all over the globe.

The Luxe Edition brings the power of online chess to the luxurious electronic chessboard in front of you. Play others remotely while enjoying the stress-free benefits of a real chess board with Exclusives fully automatic piece recognition and LED move display.

Unique in Luxe Edition

  • Luxe Cabinet - New design highlights your Exclusive and stores your components beneath for distraction-free play.
  • ChessLink - Integrated ChessLink module lets you play online on your board via the popular lichess platform, or via the HIARCS app.
  • ChessVolt - Power your chessboard with the integrated ChessVolt to experience your chess game wherever you want.

    Combined with the elegant new Luxe Cabinet, the chessboard is elevated and free of distractions so that you can focus on making good moves.

    The felt-lined drawer holds the modular accessories - ChessLink and ChessVolt as well as all chess pieces and cables.

    Connect online with your friends via HIARCS App or use the ChessLink App (only for Google currently) to connect to world famous chess platform Lichess. With this connection, you'll have access to a wide range of playing strength through HIARCS app and online play. Levels suitable for advanced players, very good club- and tournament players up to international tournament levels

    Chess Genius Exclusive is currently the most luxurious and affordable hands-on electronic board game - perfect for solo chess play... or in this case, Online play as well.

    • Concentrate purely on your game! Unique automatic chess piece recognition with lightning-fast RFID technology ensures a full natural playing experience.
    • The chess computer always knows which pieces is where. If a piece falls over, the square flashes. Switching your view between display and board is no longer necessary.
    • Playing strengths are nearly unlimited from beginner play to advanced tournament levels for skilled players. Exclusive is the ideal learning and training partner.
    • Built in opening moves libraries help you learn and practice opening moves from popular to gambit or unusual variations.
    • Modular design brings many years of pleasure playing chess. Play with different add-ons, for example, add the King Element chess engine in wooden cabinet for play against an integrated chess engine.

    Exclusive is engineered in Germany following many years of listening and discussion with avid players and computer enthusiasts. These people helped architect the ultimate hands-on chess game for the home.

    For example, it was found that the most comfortable size chessboard (smaller than tournament and larger than portable sizes) would measure just under 16" (40cm) square. And it would be beautiful. The handmade, elegant wooden sensor-board is exactly that - attractive to display.

    During game play, the eye must be able to stay on the board and not depend on glancing to the side. For this reasons, 81 LEDs clearly illuminate moves as you play them and as the computer beckons you to respond with its move. And remember, with Luxe edition, even the peripherals can be hidden beneath the board.

    The ideal chess computer doesn't require you to press down on the squares. That's why built-in, fully-automatic piece detection is achieved with new rapid-sensing technology.

    Thanks to this a new era of development in Munich, Germany, the Exclusive is being enjoyed by chess computer enthusiasts all over the world.


    • Board size approx: 15.75" x 15.75" x .78" (40 x 40 x 2 cm)
    • Square Size: 1.625'' (4.13 cm)
    • Wooden board with automatic rapid piece detection sensors
    • Display of chess moves: 81 single-field LED (each 4 per field)
    • Power supply and connection with adapters for international sockets.
    • ChessVolt Lithium external power pack for 10+ hours of play on a charge.

    Included in Box

    • Wooden sensory chessboard
    • Wooden chessmen
    • Luxe Cabinet
    • ChessVolt
    • ChessLink
    • Power supply with adapters EU/GB/US (240V / 110V)
    • Connection cables
    • Printed Manual

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Larry Guillot

    I've played Chess for years, however, I've never invested in an electronic board that would play online. Finally I took the plunge and bought the Millennium Exclusive Luxe Edition. Since receiving it I've played games on, liChess, FICS, and against several engines. Not having to look at the computer screen is fabulous! Playing is intuitive, quick, and effortless. Not having to look at the screen allows you to play just like your opponent was sitting across the table from you. You can solely concentrate on the board and not spend time switching between the screen and board. The opponents moves are displayed instantly, without any noticeable lag, which is great in Blitz situations.

    The components i.e. ChessLink module and the Volt, were easy to install and configure, and the cabinet is perfect for storing those items out of the way. The entire setup is compact and concise. I had the ChessLink set up and working in a matter of minutes. I'm running everything on a Android Samsung tablet and was able to seamlessly integrate everything into the Wireless network with ease. I down loaded the ChessLink App, which you will need to configure for liChess connectivity. Additional apps for, and Chess for Android will be required to connect the Millennium Exclusive to some of the other engines. I also use HIARCS as my chess engine for practice and competitive play.

    My ONLY issue with the Millennium Luxe Edition is that I was disappointed in the quality of the Chess pieces. They were light and quite frankly, not of very good quality. It takes a little bit of work, but I replaced the stock pieces with a House of Staunton Grandmaster Rosewood chess set. The 3.5" King set works very nicely on the Millennium board and is of wonderful quality and weight. Since Millennium does not offer replacement magnetic sensors, I had to remove the existing sensors from the stock set and put them on the HoS set. It's quite simple and requires an Exacto knife and a little patience. You peel the felt up on one edge and pull it off. The glue is still usable and sticks right on to the bottom of the HoS felt without a problem.

    All I can say is that I'm extremely happy with the purchase and functionality of the eBoard. Millennium did a wonderful job with their board and software, and the move responses are lighting quick. You will not be disappointed with this purchase. I highly recommend the Millennium Luxe Edition.

    BTW, the Chess House personnel are outstanding! I had a slight issue with my shipment and they handled it with amazing speed and support. Five Stars for the Chess House folks!!

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