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Product Details

Adaptive level chess computer Centaur is a beautiful chess board that adjusts to your level of play - a suitable playing partner at all times!

There's no need for computer screens or tablets. Just start playing chess naturally with intelligent auto-sensing technology. Impressive looking weighted pieces and on board lighted display within the squares themselves engage you in a fully contained, highly-tactical chess play experience that you will enjoy for hours upon hours.

The e-Paper display has nice smooth contrast which is not only easy on the eyes, it lets you view the screen at any angle and in any lighting. On this display you can see previous moves in a move-list, view hints, the score, clock, and various settings.

All this is housed in a lightweight design that you can take with you. Maybe you want to play on veranda and take in the sun.

Many other chess computers are designed to play at top strength, thereby failing to provide an optimal realistic experience at lower levels. That's where the Centaur is specifically made to excel. Whether you're a beginner, strong player, home or club player, Centaur will adjust to your level as you play. This means you'll always see a challenging game that is both educational and fun!

Here are some of the exceptional things about Centaur

  • adapts to your strength. Stockfish computer engine.
  • sensor board detects moves
  • on-square LED lights indicates the moves
  • rechargeable internal battery
  • weighted chess pieces
  • e-Paper display of position, moves and info
  • hint system, position setup, and more
  • many languages
  • 2 Year Chess House Warranty included

No advanced chess computer knowledge is required. Just use the Centaur to play, learn, train, analyze and improve your skill level.

Have fun just playing the game of chess!

Now, what really is the level of play? For those who are curious, Centaur has an ELO rating from 300 to 3000 based on very powerful Stockfish engine. In Friendly and Challenging mode, Centaur adapts as designed, adjusting to your level. In Expert mode, Centaur will be able to perform to a maximum rating of approximately 3000.



  • Board Size: 17.5 x 15.8" (444.5 x 400.5mm)
  • Square Size: 1.9" (48 x 48mm)
  • King Height: 3 3/8” (86mm), base: 1.500 ( 1 1/2")
  • Uses a Lithium-Polymeer battery

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Centaur Product Manual PDF 

Intro to DGT Centaur in Manual

*Open Source software

DGT Centaur uses the following Open Source software:

  • Python, the Python Software Foundation (PSF) license is applicable.
  • Python-Chess, the GNU Public License version 3 (GPL3) is applicable.

DGT would like to thank the many software developers who made it possible to develop Centaur for the many chess lovers around the world.


Manual Post-Additions:

To preview alternative moves for the computer after pressing the "HINT" button, use the UP / DOWN arrows to toggle between suggestions for Black / White.

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
David Mamula
DGT Centaur

Received the DGT Centaur a few days ago! I am really impressed with the design of the board; especially how light it is. The computer suits me since you can only play chess with it; without having to deal with any external devices. This is my preference. I will continue to experiment with this computer but I like what I see so far. Once again, excellent customer service from the Chess House, whom I strongly recommend.
Dave Mamula

Lesley Harmanson
DGT Centaur Chess Computer

It’s all true; Great Service, Great set, Safe Packaging,
100% Satisfaction and right on time,
Awesome teaching and learning set!
Really impressed with the analyzing, hints, corrections and being able to play without being online or any other devices as if this set was designed with me in mind

Paul McNamara

Great product ! It arrived in a well packed box.

I’ve enjoyed playing it. I’ve just got back into playing chess and I think this will help improve my game.

Ronald Shone
Centaur chess computer

It’s a fantastic chess computer, I really enjoy it.

James Ritchie
New chess set

I have only had my chess set for a few weeks. So far, so good.
Everything is working as promised but I am still learning the ins and outs of electronic chess. So far the set has beat me three times! Still, I am having fun and I am learning.

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