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Product Details

Adaptive level chess computer Centaur is a beautiful chess board that adjusts to your level of play - a suitable playing partner at all times!

There's no need for computer screens or tablets. Just start playing chess naturally with intelligent auto-sensing technology. Impressive looking weighted pieces and on board lighted display within the squares themselves engage you in a fully contained, highly-tactical chess play experience that you will enjoy for hours upon hours.

The e-Paper display has nice smooth contrast which is not only easy on the eyes, it lets you view the screen at any angle and in any lighting. On this display you can see previous moves in a move-list, view hints, the score, clock, and various settings.

All this is housed in a lightweight design that you can take with you. Maybe you want to play on veranda and take in the sun.

Many other chess computers are designed to play at top strength, thereby failing to provide an optimal realistic experience at lower levels. That's where the Centaur is specifically made to excel. Whether you're a beginner, strong player, home or club player, Centaur will adjust to your level as you play. This means you'll always see a challenging game that is both educational and fun!

Here are some of the exceptional things about Centaur

  • adapts to your strength. Stockfish computer engine.
  • sensor board detects moves
  • on-square LED lights indicates the moves
  • rechargeable internal battery
  • weighted chess pieces
  • e-Paper display of position, moves and info
  • hint system, position setup, and more
  • many languages
  • 2 Year Chess House Warranty included

No advanced chess computer knowledge is required. Just use the Centaur to play, learn, train, analyze and improve your skill level.

Have fun just playing the game of chess!

Now, what really is the level of play? For those who are curious, Centaur has an ELO rating from 300 to 3000 based on very powerful Stockfish engine. In Friendly and Challenging mode, Centaur adapts as designed, adjusting to your level. In Expert mode, Centaur will be able to perform to a maximum rating of approximately 3000.



  • Board Size: 17.5 x 15.8" (444.5 x 400.5mm)
  • Square Size: 1.9" (48 x 48mm)
  • King Height: 3 3/8” (86mm)
  • Uses a Lithium-Polymeer battery

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Preview Centaur Product Manual PDF in English, German, French, Spanish.

Intro to DGT Centaur in Manual

*Open Source software

DGT Centaur uses the following Open Source software:

  • Python, the Python Software Foundation (PSF) license is applicable.
  • Python-Chess, the GNU Public License version 3 (GPL3) is applicable.

DGT would like to thank the many software developers who made it possible to develop Centaur for the many chess lovers around the world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Fun and worth the wait!

Got the DGT chess set over thanksgiving and waited for little over a month before getting the set, but it is worth the wait! I just started playing chess and have never played with a real player before, and this board makes me feel like I am playing with a real player (It even takes time to think under time mode). Super simple and intuitive to setup. I don't know my chess rating since I just started but I do feel like computer is adapting to my level, it has an option to show +/- score to let you know who's winning and most of the time it is under +-2 points.
Amazing set with good quality, but I do wish there is an option to upgrade to wooden piece.
I was having hard time deciding between The king performance and the DGT Centaur, after receiving the DGT set I am glad that I made the purchase.

Fun game I just played & enjoyed!!

Here is a fun game I just played on my DGT Centaur & enjoyed so much I thought it would make a great example of how the Centaur adapts to a players ability, gives them a great and a fair chance to win. There are not a lot of documented Centaur games so I took the time to hand copy the game off my Centaur. This game was really fun to play and has a little bit of everything in it and even a beginner will have fun playing thru it. Go grab your chess boards and take a seat behind the black pieces and enjoy "Chuck's New Years day game.
Centaur: White
Chuck: Black
Centaur set on "Friendly"

1. d4 Nc6
2. Nf3 g6
3. d5 Nb8
4. Nc3 c6
5. Rb1 Bh6
6. Bxh6 Nxh6
7. d6 exd6
8. Qxd6 Na6
9. Qe5+ Qe7
10. Qxe7+ Kxe7
11. b4 d6
12. Nd4 c5
13. a3 cxd4
14. Nd5+ Ke6
15. e4 Ng8
16. c3 dxc3
17. Bxa6 bxa6
18. Nc7+ Ke5
19.f4+ Kxe4
20. O-O Rb8
21. Rbc1 a5
22. Rxc3 axb4
23. axb4 Rxb4
24. Re1+ Kxf4
25. g3+ Kf5
26. Ne8 Nf6
27. Rf3+ Kg4
28. Rxf6 Rf8
29. Rf2 Bd7
30. h3+ Kxh3
31. Nf6 Bc6
32. Rc2 Rc8
33. Ne4 Bxe4
34. Rxc8 Bd3
35. Re7 Rb1+
36. Re1 Rxe1+
37. Kf2 Re2+
38. Kf3 f5
39. Rc7 h5
40. Rc3 Bb5
41. Rb3 Bc4
42. Rc3 Bb5
43. Rc1 Rg2
44. Kf4 Rxg3
45. Rh1+ Kg2
46. Rd1 Rf3+
47. Kg5 Ba4
48. Rxd6 a5
49. Rd2+ Rf2
50. Rd5 f4
51. Rc5 f3
52. Kh6 Rc2
53. Rxa5 f2
54. Kxg6 F1=Q
55. Kg5 Qc1+
56. Kf5 Bd7+
57. Kf6 Rc6+
58. Ke7 Qd2
59. Kf7 Qf4+
60. Kg7 Bf5
61. Ra2+ Kg3
62. Ra3+ Kg4
63. Re3 Qxe3
64. Kh8 Rh6+
65. Kg8 Qe8+
66. Kg7 Rg6+
67. Kh7 Qf7+
68. H8 Rh6#

Centaur delivers.

This product is worth every penny. And yes, it does adapt to you playing level. I have no idea how it does it, but it does. That is amazing enough in itself, but honestly, it is the closest experience I have had with computers that mimics the feel of playing an opponent across the board, which a great part of why I bought it. It is so different from playing online and I am convinced it will help me getting ready for tournaments. and well as improve my play in general. I feel myself taking more time to make my moves.

Easy as pie to set up. I was playing in under five minutes.

The cons: very few. Bluetooth connectivity for one, so if you want to save pgn files, you have to find a workaround. The pieces could be a bit heavier, but that's a personal preference thing. Is it rugged, no. But I have no plans to use it to body surf with.

This might be the best chess purchase I've ever made (but not the most expensive). Two thumbs up.

And thanks to the crew at Chesshouse for the excellent service (as usual).

All I left to do is come up with a name for my new chess partner.

DGT Centaur

Played a few games before I finally won one. Friendly mode is quite nice.

Worth the wait and the cost

Let me preface this by stating that I have only had the chance to play half a dozen games so far, so I can not speak to its long term durability or playability.
I love this chess game! Easy to set up, and play is by far the best experience I have yet had with a computer based opponent.
No pressing the pieces down or entering the move via a keyboard or a mouse, just pick the piece and move and wait for the Centaur to respond. It is a natural feel and flow that allows one to concentrate on the game. Throughly enjoy the simplicity of the game play.
As others have stated, the weight of the board conveys a cheapness given the cost, I find it an advantage, the game is easily placed in my lap and is not uncomfortable at all and the pieces are weighted sufficiently to have a nice feel in the hand. The slick surface of the board and the bottoms of the pieces does allow them to slid around easily when trying to move the board, so caution needs to be exercised when doing so.
Still to early to speak to the advantages or disadvantages of the engine itself, but so far I find it to be on par with others I have played against. Does it adapt? Hard to say, it does seem to alter itself through a game, time will be the final arbiter of that.
Thanks to ChessHouse for supplying a great product and exceptional service, and as always great reviews of product before hand.
If you want an low cost full size game that plays well and is easy to use, buy this set!

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