DGT Royal Chess Pieces

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About The DGT Royal Chess Pieces

The DGT Royal chess pieces are made from the finest rosewood and have an elaborately cut knight and sport green felt bases so as to keep your board looking great!

Although these beautiful extra pieces are for a DGT electronic board they can be purchased separately for the DGT board as well as to add a new style of pieces to a board you already own.

Use with any DGT E-board or Smartboard! 
These pieces do not work the with DGT Centaur.

  • King height: 4"
  • King base: 1 5/8"
  • King weight:1.5 oz
  • Pawn size: 1 7/8"
  • Set weight: 31.2 oz
  • Includes extra queens

Product Specs

King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Set

This DGT smart board enabled set is quality all the way. All the pieces are beautifully finished, but the Rosewood side is the star of the show: rich, warm, grained and colorful. Although this set is unweighted, I'm not sure I'd want more weight than what I'm getting with the sensor inside. This weight seems just about perfect in my hand, and tells me that in the future if I find an unweighted DGT set that has a similar weight, I'm going to like it just fine. I am certainly pleased, and as always, Chesshouse gave me superior service.


DGT Royal chess pieces all electronically registered on the e-board correctly (see pic#1) and were received with no manufacturing flaws or damage. All pieces except the pawns were individually wrapped for protection. While the wooden pieces are lighter than the weighted plastic set, it's not significant enough for my concern. Wooden pieces just seem more tactfully and visually pleasing. There is some minor color variation between the pieces, but I suspect that is typical of rosewood. The dark pieces have a reddish hue to them. The pieces from the king to the rook diminish in height from 4" tall to 2" giving the display an attractive pyramid profile. It was a nice upgrade for my DGT Smartboard.

Mark, thanks for sharing the photos of your custom chess playing table. It looks really great with your upgraded Rosewood pieces.

Larry Beane
DGT Royal Chess Pieces

Received Chess Pieces in a timely fashion and like them very much.
Beautiful Pieces
Always a pleasure doing business with you


Grant Farris
DGT Royal Chess Pieces are nice.

I am satisfied with the optional DGT Royal Chess pieces, they are nice, but If I had it to do over again i would pay more attention to the weighted sets.

That's a good point, Grant. There are weighted pieces for DGT sets as well and the electronic components themselves don't offer much weight. They feel pretty much unweighted.

Allie Clark

very beauyiful nice set