Emisario Club Chess Set Combo

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Chess House 20 Chess House 20" Roll-up Board
Chess House Drawstring Bag - Bag - Chess-House Chess House Drawstring Bag
Chess House Drawstring Bag - Bag - Chess-House Chess House Drawstring Bag

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About The Emisario Club Chess Set Combo

The Emisario Club Combo is a serious player's go-to choice for great style, chess piece weight, and balance. Emisario Staunton chessmen play extremely well in blitz or tournament chess with their low center of gravity.

Choose from a variety of chess piece color combinations.

This combo includes the Emisario Staunton Chess Pieces (3 3/4"), a 20" Chess House Rollup Chess Board and two Chess House white canvas drawstring bags.

The detailed, well balanced chess set will impress your chess buddies. It's one of the heaviest sets made.

All equipment meets chess tournament standards.

Details and Specs
Complete set of 32 + Extra queens
King: 3 3/4" tall, 3 lb (49oz)
Solid plastic, no glare
Triple weight with green felt base
Vinyl Rollup Board 20" square with 2 1/4" squares
2 Drawstring bags

Product Specs

Board Size
Square Size
King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jonathan Ferguson
Missing and wrong pieces

I got this set as a Christmas present. It arrived on time however both tan bishops were missing. I contacted Chesshouse and they sent 2 free replacements. However, partly due to my fault with communication, we received 2 white bishops instead of tan ones. I contacted them again and they offered to send 2 free tan bishops if I pay half of the shipping cost. I agreed to this and at the start of March I received the replacements and much to my disappointment they are still a slightly different colour and more polished. At this point I am willing to just buy a complete new set but they are out of stock. The set is very high quality and the staff are very helpful, I just wish I could've got the right set in the first place.

Ethan Perry
Very impressed.

I bought this set as a Christmas gift for my dad so we could play some games on something better than our tiny $7 glass set. My only two concerns when buying it were 1) the pieces, being made of plastic, might be hard to handle, and 2) the board would struggle to lay flat after being shipped rolled up like a newspaper. Thankfully, neither of these concerns turned out to be issues. The pieces are weighted and feel very premium for being plastic - no complaints there. As for the board, upon taking it out of the box and rolling it out on the table, I would have never guessed that it was even rolled up to begin with. Very happy with how this set turned out.

Charles Dwyer
Nice for the price.

I haven't owned a chess set since I was in H.S. Caught the bug again after watching QG. The pieces, while plastic, have a great look and feel. The regulation roll up mat lays flat. I got the tan and brown which are kind of ivory and chestnut in color with a green and white mat.
You'll want to air it out a few days as the fumes from manufacture are prominent, but we are already having fun with playing again. Way better than screen time!

Just what I wanted

I haven't owned a chess set in a long time. I am very happy with the finish, weight and feel of the pieces.

Robert Reeves
Good youth birthday present

The chess set was exactly what we wanted for our 11 year old grandson's birthday. The pieces have good detail, are sturdy, and weighted. The board is just right and easy to use. Overall it is a great combination of bag, flexible board and sturdy pieces that will survive in demanding conditions. We are very pleased with everything, and at a very reasonable price.