Grandmaster Repertoire 4: The English Opening Vol. 2 - Marin

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About The Grandmaster Repertoire 4: The English Opening Vol. 2 - Marin

Grandmaster Repertoire is a new series of high quality books based on the main lines, written by strong grandmasters. The aim is to provide the reader with a complete repertoire at a level good enough for elite tournaments, and certainly also for the club championship. Grandmaster Repertoire provides a repertoire to last a lifetime. Mihail Marin reveals his own white repertoire with 1.c4, the English Opening. In Volume Two, Marin covers all Black's replies to 1.c4 except 1...e5 and 1...c5. The theory is state-of-the-art with many novelties suggested, but most useful of all are Marin's lucid explanations of how to play the resulting positions. Mihail Marin is a grandmaster from Romania. His previous books for Quality Chess have established him as one of the world's finest chess authors. Marin's recent tournament successes, using this repertoire, increased his rating to a personal best of 2616.

  • Hundreds of novelties
  • A repertoire to last a lifetime
  • Written by an award-winning author
  • 432 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Quality
  • Published: October 13, 2010
  • "Mihail Marin's excellent repertoire books on the English Opening have helped to cement the reputation of Quality Chess' Grandmaster Repertoire series... Marin's deep experience and passion for the English Opening is clear throughout the book... If you've even the slightest inclination towards the English Opening, this trio of books is strongly recommended." GM Luke McShane, New in Chess
  • "Marin infuses so many new key ideas that the lines once again can be used as a way of seeking an advantage for White... I loved Volume One in this series, and I find this work even more impressive. 4 Stars (out of 4)" Carsten Hansen, ChessCafe
  • "Beautifully written and inspirational" GM Luke McShane, New in Chess
  • "It is a magnificent work, based on Marin's experience with the English Opening... Marin's vast knowledge of classic chess enriches the didactic value of the book." GM Zenon Franco Ocampos, Jaque
  • "Perhaps the finest work on the English Opening that I have ever seen." Steve Giddins, British Chess Magazine
  • "The Romanian GM has a well-earned reputation for writing great chess books, and these are no different... Marin does his best to keep White's solutions within the realm of the English, which is doubly commendable... As always in Marin's books, you'll find lots of prose, a clear sense that the man loves to teach, and a ton of original analysis... Marin aims to make chess players out of his readers, not efficient zombies! The books are highly recommended." Dennis Monokroussos, The Chess Mind
  • "Thick, beautifully-hardcover books... I'm sure some of my team members who are addicted to opening with their c-pawn will just love these books, but for me, looking at all these lines just makes me realize life's too short to try and understand all chess openings. But I sure marvelled at fragments such as this..." Arne Moll, ChessVibes
  • "Volumes 2 & 3 are fine books with plenty of new ideas, enhanced by his very readable prose. These books are so well written that I think those new to The English Opening will find them just as useful as seasoned 1.c4 experts." Sean Marsh

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