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Eric Andrade
Chess rules book

I think this is a great little book to help players of all ages to learn and refresh there memory on how to play the game.

Camron Buxton
Chess rules book

I love this little book. Great for those just beginning to learn chess. But for intermediate or advanced levels I suggest a more detailed book.

Laura Hendley
Great box and pieces

Loved the size of the board and magnetic pieces, made of wood with felt bottoms.
Thanks for the extra queens.

Bill Stevenson
It is nice to have the rules in a handy booklet

Finding what you want, when you want it is half the battle some times. There is no argument with the printed word and when it is in an easy to find reference like this the convenience can't be beat. This booklet is well laid out, easy to use, well illustrated and the price is right!

Jeff Bremer
A Great Little Pamphlet

My wood club builds wooden toys, including chess board/sets, that are donated to charities that care for children in some form if need. This year we are happy to included the pamphlets.

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