Kotronias on the King's Indian Fianchetto Systems - Kotronias

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About The Kotronias on the King's Indian Fianchetto Systems - Kotronias

The King's Indian, one of Black's most dynamic chess openings, is covered in impressive detail by grandmaster Vassilios Kotronias. As well as giving specific information on the opening moves, practical advice is provided on typical middle game themes, both positional and tactical. In Volume One of this series the author provides Black with full coverage on how to meet the widely popular g3-system. Vassilios Kotronias is a chess grandmaster and nine-time Greek Champion. He is a key member of the Greek team as both a player and coach. On the international tournament circuit he is a feared competitor who is particularly noted for his profound opening preparation.

  • 720 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Quality
  • Published: July, 2013
  • "It's hard to write a long review if you hold a book in hands which is almost flawless. Therefore I'll stop praising this book to the heights (although it deserves that) and focus on the content. The structure of this book is very good in my opinion as the reader finds some exercises in it with relevant features and important key ideas in the King's Indian. This will give you an important assessment of your current level before studying this book and give you a refresher after completing your duty. 6/6 Highly Recommended!" Lukas Wedrychowski, dailychess.org
  • "This book is definitely one for the experts. It's an admirable effort and a remarkable piece of research." Sean Marsh, CHESS Magazine
  • "For the Fianchetto systems in the King's Indian , there is now a Bible... It is an incredibly complete work and its purchase can be recommended without restriction." Uwe Bekemann, www.bdf-fernschachbund.de

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