Learn Chess at Home: Advanced Kit

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About The Learn Chess at Home: Advanced Kit

This kit contains the ideal resources we've packaged for learning chess at home. You will be set up for success learning the game, avoiding bad habits and often overlooked strategies, a key factor in becoming better at chess rapidly.

The chess DVDs are for all ages, and Elliott's clear, fun presentation is easy to follow from the most basic concepts onward ensuring that all key strategies are covered.

We often find that children as young as 5 or 6 like to watch and learn from the bite size visual segments. The ideal chess set is included to practice the moves being learned. Moving the pieces on the board while watching the DVDs multiplies the effect of memorization.

You'll receive these DVDs full of chess strategies taught by Elliott at an easy pace, friendly, in clear English. You'll want to watch them over and over. The workbooks reinforce and enable further practice of the strategies.

  1. DVD 1, Pawn Level + 4 workbooks
  2. DVD 2, Knight Level + 4 workbooks
  3. DVD 3, Bishop Level + 4 workbooks
  4. DVD 4, Rook Level + 3 workbooks

Elliott is easy to understand and very experienced. Each DVD is efficiently presented and packed with tips and valuable concepts, so most viewers watch each DVD at least several times.

Material taught in this series has been developed, refined, and taught by National Master Elliott Neff over a period of 17+ years, producing multiple state and national individual and team chess champions.

  • DVD Volumes 1-4. (over 7 hours of instruction)
  • 15 workbooks
  • Quality Regulation Chess Set 20" green vinyl chessboard that conveniently rolls up for storage
  • Deluxe Bag for Chess Set

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