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Product Details

With the elegant Luxe Cabinet, you can focus on making good moves while the ChessLink and ChessVolt are out of sight and the chessboard is highlighted.

The Luxe Cabinet highlights the Millennium Exclusive chess computer and hides some accessories inside for distraction-free play.

    The felt-lined drawer holds modular accessories ChessLink and ChessVolt as well as all pieces and cables.

    Concentrate purely on your game while enjoying the automatic chess piece recognition with lightning-fast RFID technology, ensuring a fully natural playing experience.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Good Idea, But Disappointingly Bad Design

      For a chess company as innovative as Millennium, this is a painfully poor design. The cable management coming out of the drawer is clumsy, the drawer is almost impossible to open when closed (how about some kind of a handle or u shaped cut out you can stick your fingers in?) I have to take the board off to wedge my fingers in the drawer to yank it open in order to store the pieces. If the entire point of the product is that its' a drawer to hide stuff, at least make the drawer easy to open? Sheesh.

      Also, the components barely fit inside. I now have marks on top of the Chess Link where the drawer rubs against it.

      As for the system for holding the board onto the top of the drawer unit: there isn't one. Sure, Millennium provides you with a paper template and some foam stickers, but then the board free floats up on top of the drawer unit.

      Of course, I could be missing something in assembling this, which would not surprise me because the directions are all but completely useless. In the 21st Century there is no longer any excuse for English language directions from a German company to be so terrible. A bit more thought, please.

      At the end of the day, it does a barely sufficient job in that it does hide all the components and the on/off switch works well, and I really have no other choice but to keep this if I want to hide all the external components I need to use this board.

      I am going to have to hack a way to keep this board in place, probably with velcro dots or something.

      This is NO reflection on Chess House. Their service remains second to none, really superb service, and I have no doubt that if I sent this back it would be painless.

      I have two Millennium boards: The King Performance and this Exclusive. I love, love, love playing chess on both of them. But this drawer product needed more time on the development board.

      I give this two stars. And that's generous. If you have the Exclusive chess board and are tired of all the accessories lying around, this unit may be for you, but count on having to modify it to your liking and living with the annoying prospect of yanking the drawer unit open every time you need to store the pieces or set up the board.

      Darryl Kosaka
      Luxe Cabinet

      Very Nicely finished, drawer has felt lining. Naturally my ChessGenius Exclusive fits perfectly with the assistance of a provided template. It is the perfect companion!

      Vincent Giardina
      Great for what it is intended

      It matches board nicely holds exactly what it says and raises the board. It’s a win win if you bought it for what’s it’s intended to do

      Daniel Vitale
      Nice product but...

      I am not sure if this is happening just to me, but when you try to run on batteries (Millennium battery), the board start to behave odd, some lights start to blink or the response of the board is very slow, I found out that the battery under the top cabinet create an electromagnetic field that disturb the connections, I found a temporary solution that is adding a foil on the corner where we have the battery to avoid the problem, again, maybe is just me, but I think is a interesting comment to make about using this cabinet.

      Robert Cantrell Jr.
      Cabinet Good...manual lacking

      I like the Lux cabinet for its intended use. I do not intend to move my game around from here to there. It will be stationary. It nicely holds all the pieces , the battery pack and the Chess Link. My only complaint would be the instruction manual is lacking in instructions. There is nothing that explains how the cabinet functions with the battery pack and chess link installed. I do not have the chess link at this time do it did explain what to do if you don’t have the chess link. After that the manual really is lame. I did figure out that if you don’t have the cabinet connected to power then you need to use the power button on the cabinet. If you are connected to power then everything seems to work as normal. I hope the battery pack charges while connected to power. The instructions were not very explicit about putting the pads on the board either and I agree with one reviewer that the pads allow a lot of play when the board sits on the cabinet. Overall I am satisfied with cabinet for its intended use.

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