Mini Marshall Chess Set and Bag Combo

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Product Details

With merely a 14" footprint and our finest plastic Marshall pieces, this highly detailed and attractive set is weighted and balanced well for a fantastic experience playing or studying games where limited space is available or small pieces are just a better option.

The club style small 14" vinyl board rolls up and a soft zipper pouch stores the pieces.


  • King height: 2 7/8"
  • King base: 1.313 (1 5/16")
  • Pieces weight: 1 lbs. 9 oz.
  • Pawn height: 1 1/2"
  • 34 Chessmen - 2 Queens per side
  • Weighted with felt bases
  • 14" chessboard with 1.5" squares
  • Padded 9.5 x 7.5" bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Steve G.
Mini Marshal chess set

This set is the perfect fit for a take anywhere game or a home online analysis board.
About 12”X 12” plus the 1” boarder.
Roll the board up and slide it into a paper towel tube for travel. Padded zipper bag is supplied to store the pieces.
Notice my screen shot of the puzzle board - looks exactly like the marshal in color, size and design.
The pieces are nicely weighted and the board is a high quality vinyl - the vinyl odor last for only about a half hour.
Not shiny or stiff - but lays flat with buff green and buff white colors - Great on the eyes.
Extra pieces-black half or white half and the board can be purchased separately.

Richard Thomas
A great set for analysis and study

This is a great set for analysis and study, and play with your friends and competitors. The board lays flat, the pieces are well defined, nicely cast, and weighted effectively for their size. Service was fast from Chess House. Well done!

Les Bollinger
Not just for travel

A nice little set for using in smaller spaces. It makes a great travel set as advertised. But I bought it for use at home for use at my desk as I study with online resources or books. It's a little pricey, and the components can be found elsewhere for the most part at a lower price. But ChessHouse has some nice discount coupons that evens that out. The piece bag is of a very nice quality. The pieces have a very decent weight, which makes using them a pleasure compared to the set with unweighted pieces.

Matthew Spence
What a great travel/analysis set!

This is the perfect sized travel or analysis set. The board is small, but not too small that it is difficult to move the pieces. The pieces beautifully weighted high quality plastic. And they include extra queens, which is a rarity.

Slightly Disappointed

Slightly disappointed in the quality of this set. A couple pieces in the white set had dark grease like markings that had to be taken off with a degreaser. Furthermore, the 14” vinyl board that comes with the set arrived curled and warped at the corners and edges. It shipped to me rolled up with print side out and in a clear plastic bag. No matter how hard I tried to flatten it with books and weights, it never flattened out. Eventually, after discussing the issue with a Chess House customer service rep (Paul), I took it upon myself to iron out the board on the fabric side. It helped, but the board still curls up at the edges and corners. Customer service did not offer a replacement. I was told these 14” boards are made with a “stiffer” vinyl compared to premium vinyl boards. Customer service did offer to refund $5 for the value of the board. I did not take the offer hoping that with time, the board will eventually flatten out. So, between the marked pieces, the curled board, and having to self-remediate the issues (for a $44 vinyl/plastic mini set), I’m left to feel that this was one of my more regrettable purchases with Chess House.

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