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Product Details

Chess anywhere you go! This Magnetic Chess Set by Chess House is close in weight and size to an iPhone 8P.

The highly portable, road trip-friendly chess set fits comfortably in your hand. It folds out in seconds when you want to play.

Pick up or slide the magnetic pieces on the board in any orientation or unsteady environment. 

Best of all it slides easily into a pocket for storage. It even feels soft with its padded design.

It's ideal for personal use or to give as a prize to students.


  • Board size: 6in. x 3in. x 1/2in.
  • Piece size: 1/2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Terrific little set

I was very pleased that this set was much more robust than I expected for the price. Well made, well thought out.

Great Pocket Chess Set

Very nice pocket chess set with extra queens and 5 blanks. I would love to see a similar portable set with a 10" board size.

Ok, but just ok.

The pieces are fantastic. I just wish they included an extra Bishop, Knight, and Rook along with the extra Queen that is already supplied. They included blank pieces.....so instead of including those “blank” pieces, it would have been nice to see the extra effort by this company to simply add the extra three pieces each instead of blank pieces.

The actual board is pretty cheap. Pieces could easily get lost if not super careful. Also, if you leave a game in progress, the folding board does not stay shut magnetically. Design flaw, in my opinion. If they would make this with a zipper that runs along the outside to “enclose” the pieces when not in use, it would be better...especially if you’re worried about losing pieces.

The good thing about this product is the price point. However, I wouldn’t pay one penny more for this product unless there were improvements like mentioned above.

Just my opinion.

Great memories

I love this little magnet set. It reminds me so much of one I had growing up, in which my brother would crush me on long car rides. It is not a luxury item for sure, but the thick and squishy cover has a great weight, and the magnets are nice and thick. I also appreciate the analysis grid and the extra queens, so often left out of magnetic or travel sets. I always have this close at hand when reading through games for study and analysis, and one day will take it with me when travel becomes an option again. This would make a great gift or prize for a chess student.

Definite Improvement

I ordered this set (on right in photo) without realizing that I had already purchased another one years ago. Noticeable improvements have been made since my original purchase. Notice the older set (on left in photo); I added a piece of gray sheet medal to the pocket on the lower flap to retain captured pieces. Both sets were made in China but are similar in size and vinyl colors.
The new set has additional queens and blank pieces that could be used to replace any lost pieces not found in the older version. The captured pieces may be placed anywhere on the lower flap.
My only suggestion is: if you plan to carry this around in your pocket, I would use a plastic snack/sandwich bag for the set. When the set is folded, it is possible that any pieces on the edge of the board may slip out. Better in the bag than in your pocket where it may go unnoticed.

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