School Chess - 10.5" Wood Chess Set

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Product Details

Lovely wooden chess set is perfect for school age kids. The pieces are easy to grasp and play and have black felt bases to protect the board. Plus the letters and number coordinates help replay recorded games.

  • Great for learning and playing with chess notation (recorded games)
  • Simple piece design - easy to hold.
  • Pieces store inside board.
  • Easy to obtain replacement pieces if any are lost.

Made in Poland of hornbeam and beech woods over a birchwood core. Nice insert tray for the chess pieces storage inside. Available in brown colour only.

  • Board size: 10 1/2"
  • Square size: 1 1/8"
  • King size: 2"
  • King base: 0.750 ( 3/4")
  • Pieces set weight: 2.8 oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Steve Belczyk
Love it!

I love it! The ranks and files are numbered and lettered, which can be a great help when transcribing or replaying a game and are also great for correspondence chess. The interior comfortably houses the 32 pieces in nice, snug, felt-lined cavities, so you're less likely to lose one. My only, trivial, complaint is that there are only two queens, so if you promote a pawn with your queen still on the board, you still must use a coin or upside-down rook to represent the second queen.

Diana Gard
Very nice

This is a lovely little chess board, especially for learning. The simple, but easily identifiable pieces are well weighted with felt bottoms. I like having the ranks and files marked and I also like the little braided divisions between squares. Those squares are made of elegantly colored wood, which gives it some class. Pieces fit nicely inside the case and it's a sweet little package when folded up. The board is not completely even when opened up, so best to put it on a thick piece of cloth or felt so it doesn't wobble while playing.

Mary-Noelle M Pinault
Great little chess board

Was very pleased to receive your school chess board to offer my grandson on his 9th Birthday. He was thrilled! One of the features we like is storing each piece in a fitted felt compartment along with its portable size. The wood is also very attractive. Thank you again!

Jim G
Observations of School Chess Set

Dark brown border, large clear references. Squares slightly over 1 inch separated by dark brown borders. Feels lightweight (13 oz) but appearance and feel of board gives sense of quality. Finish detail suggests good craftsmanship. No blemishes or irregularities. Interior felt installed neat, secure. Felt extended over hinges adding touch of quality. Metal clasp has good spring and alignment. Board seems durable.

Pieces sized correctly for squares. King height 2 1/4 in. Each piece has black felt, feel slightly weighted. Colors of dark pieces contrast well with dark board colors, natural color of white pieces contrast well with slightly whiter squares. Pieces easy to see, except more detail on the queens crowns would enhance appearance and visibility. Would also like to see greater detail on knights. No other dissatisfaction.

Suitable for both casual play and as an excellent travel set. Overall, I am happy with this set. Would recommend to a friend.

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