SwissSys Tournament and Club Event Management Software Version 10 (CD)

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About The SwissSys Tournament and Club Event Management Software Version 10 (CD)

Who would want to use SwissSys?

Almost anyone who directs chess tournaments. No size is too small, and sections up to 1000 players are child's play to pair. Regular Swiss tournaments, team and scholastic tournaments, round robins, and even double-blitz tournaments are all easy to manage.

What does it do?

It makes pairings for Swiss system (and round robin) tournaments, following all USCF (or FIDE) rules for alternation of color, transposition of players--the whole business. It lets you print out pairings, standings, wall charts, upset results, new ratings, and lots more. In fact, there isn't much it can't do for you except make the coffee. It can import player registration information from the USCF supplement file with just a few keystrokes. It is extremely flexible and customizable, making it the ideal assistant TD for all levels of competition.

Version 10 offers a free, hosted webpage. You can easily upload tournament reports for your players and the whole world to see.

Where has it been used?

The U.S. Open, the National Open, the World Open, the Mexican Open, and thousands of club and regional tournaments from Queens, New York, to Queensland, Australia.

New in version 10

  • A free hosted site for uploading tournament data, from which you and your players can view a variety of reports such as standings, pairings, and the wall chart.
  • Direct online loading of up-to-date player data from the USCF with the click of a button. Perpetually updating your database is no longer required.
  • Cleaner registration dialog, with multiple tabs for importing players from different sources.
  • PDF file dumps.
  • Simplified pairing engine selection
  • A "" pairing restriction.
  • More space for entering player data, with room for larger fonts.
  • Game point weighting system for fixed-roster tournaments

System requirements:

  • Any full version of Windows
  • Works on tablets provided they are full Windows based
  • On Mac you will need Windows emulation software

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