Ultimate Chess Set - Metal Meets Ebony

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Product Details

While Ebony and Ivory may be a clandestine pair, Ivory is illegal to sell; so we paired Ebony with Metal and discovered a new champion that is contemporary chic. 

This striking wood board with Ebony and Maple squares matched with the Bobby Fischer Ultimate Tournament Metal Chess Pieces in Silver and Black brings your inner 'Terminator' to play dressed in Tuxedo Best!

The Ultimate Chess Pieces have a long history. Dewain Barber and Jay Blem brought the chess market a sturdy and reliable plastic tournament set. The pieces are ergonomic, smooth, and seamless, resulting in extended games that are a joy to play. Large-headed pawns and bishops as well as a grooved knight are easier to grasp. Both heavy and durable, the set became a very popular and well recognized set in the United States.  Interest remained, but the set because unavailable supposedly because the production molds were lost. 

Now, years later, these original Ultimate chess pieces are reborn in metal with striking silver and black plating. The 3.625" King has increased to 3.75" and the base size has been widened for the increased weight.  The unmistakable feel of these heavily weighted pieces provides an extra level of confidence for your game. 

The entire chessboard has a base covered in felt ensuring protection of any surface you on which you choose to display the board.



  • The Ultimate pieces meet all US Chess Federation and FIDE world standards for chess play
  • Pieces are very heavy and weigh collectively 9.5 lbs.
  • King 3.75 in. (95.2 mm) tall with a 1.65 in (41.9 mm) base diameter
  • Premier weighting system designed to last longer than other weighted chess pieces
  • Includes 32 pieces, no extra queens
  • Board width: 21"
  • Square size:  2 1/8"

Customer Reviews

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Jay S Dweck
Extraordinary quality. Perfect delivery.

Board and pieces arrived within 2 days very well boxed and protected. Board is a perfect match for pieces.

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