Walnut Storage Box (for most pieces up to 3.75")

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About The Walnut Storage Box (for most pieces up to 3.75")

Safely store your wood chess pieces inside this walnut box, designed primarily for wooden chessmen with a king height of 3" to 3.75" tall. Even with extra queens, the box will be a good fit for the entire set.

  • Interior dimensions 8.6" x 5" x 3" (including lid space)
  • Movable divider

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
C.L. Clark
Not quite as expected

The description says it will take up to 3.75" pieces. Not even close; lid won't close. Now I presumed that meant all pieces standing up. Hmmmm .... it will take a full set of 3.75" pieces but king and queen and several pawns must go in laying down on top of each other. Which exposes the pieces to inevitable long term damage as the box is moved about. Disappointed. As to the quality of the box it is great for the money. Well made, everything aligns, finish is unremarkable but I couldn't buy the materials, wood and hardware plus time it would take to actually make the box, and you have to have some box making skill to execute a equally good aligning box, for what they charge for the box. A great value in that regard. If you get the box for 3.75" pieces get the larger box, which I presume is of similar construction and quality.

paul caplan
Chess box

The hardware used is very good, hinges very nice. Fit of the box was good. Finish of of the wood is a little dull. A glossy finish would be nicer. A4 out of 5.

charles pierce
looking good

very nice

Ryan Turner
Too Small

Definitely not for 3.75" pieces, unless you like jamming them in there.

New Walnut Chess Box

The Chess box is nicely constructed. I did however believe the Chess Box would have partitions for all of the pieces. The picture I
viewed on the computer seemed to show the pieces in compartments. The Chess Box however, is still great!

Does your company make a Walnut Box for the Button and Function controls? Please let me know by my E-mail address>

Thanks again for the nice Box.