Woodgrain Finish Large Gloss Chessmen

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About The Woodgrain Finish Large Gloss Chessmen

Ultra-heavy pieces are massive at 4 1/4" tall, impressive to play and to behold with gloss, wood grain look.

Modern manufacturing methods allow molding of resin product with a realistic wood look resulting in this beautiful set of chessmen.

  • King height: 4 1/4"  (110mm)
  • King base: 1 7/8" (47mm)
  • King weight: 3.7 oz
  • Set weight: 67 oz (4lbs 3oz)
  • Leather base pads
  • 32 pieces, no extra queens

Product Specs

King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ibrahim Jaleel
So beautiful (This chess set should be kept in a museum)

So, beautiful.
Excellent communication.
Ultra fast shipping.
Weighted enough to play in rolling ships in moderate weather. No one will get disappointed, so beautiful, shining finish, looks like wooden pieces.

Kenley Morrison
Great set! But not at all what I thought it would be.

This set is fantastic and probably the best plastic set on the market. The finish is beautiful and the design is far more intelligent than other sets I have purchased that have absurd issues like the Queen's crown having such sharp points that the set will be scratched up unless you go through special storage provisions. The size is massive for the advertised King height compared to other so called premium plastic sets I have - and the weight exceeds any other set I have used - which is superb. But the reason I bought the set is for use on my wood board - and the advertisement - and I quote: "realistic wood look". This set looks more plastic than any other set I have - and it is far too shiny for any tournament that hassles players over all the current rulings over chess pieces and boards. So bottom line - I bought a set that is pretty much worthless to me. I can't use it in tournaments - and the color scheme (because it in no way resembles any wood of any kind) is a horrible caramel color that is down right ugly. The whole point was the aesthetics of a wood look and I was willing to buy a set that was illegal - and this particular set was far more expensive than another imitation wood set that I regret not buying instead. My decision was based on size and weight - and as far as these features go - the set is absolutely fantastic. I would have been at least happy if (since it looks like really cheap shiny plastic with no hint of wood grain or wood tones) the white side pieces were just the usual cream color or even just plain white. Without any hint of wood grain - if this set had white pieces - it would look great! It looks like plastic imitation butterscotch hard candy. Absolutely the most misleading advertising I have ever encountered. There is no way even a person high on drugs would think this set looked like wood. Too bad. I won't be buying any more chess sets with this kind of claim. I just thought the picture was poor - and it looks better than what I got.

Francisco Javier Fernandez Abad

They are wonderful and very pretty. Without doubt i would recomend them. The shipping was perfect. Congratulations for chesshouse.

Alan Blair
Nice pieces

Very nice pieces. They go well with the board I made.

Very beautiful board!! =)

Philip Giffin
By far the most beautiful set of Chessmen I've ever owned

These Chessmen as seen on the website are exactly as you receive them. You get what you see. They match up perfectly with the 22" black and birdseye maple veneer board that I also purchased. Most gorgeous set I've ever had. If you want an expensive looking set that won't break the bank then you can't go wrong with this combination. You have a very unfair review here from *Amari*. They're complaining about what they received which makes no sense because the complaints are based on getting EXACTLY what is advertised about the Chessmen! In my opinion, that review is highly unfair and should be removed. Getting exactly what you pay for and then complaining about it is senseless. Thank you Chess House! I will be back for any and all of my future Chess needs.