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Product Details

Designed specially for blind players, the board has raised squares and pieces that work well for the blind or those with very limited vision. The 15" square chess board with 1.75" squares and large 3.75" Timeless model pieces make it very tactile. The pieces stay in place well with pegs on the base of each piece that fit all 64 squares and keep the pieces steady and in place.


  • King height: 4 1/8" (black), 3 3/4" white, base: 1.500 ( 1 1/2")
  • Board size: 15", with 5/16" peg holes
  • Square size: 1 3/4" (1.75")
  • Set weight: 70 oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I gave it as a gift.

I gave it as a gift.

Dale Spoor
Chess sets for the blind

Well-made product, looks durable, delivered as promised.

Cecile Vouriot
Wonderful and sturdy! Perfect for visually impaired individuals

I bought this wooden chess set for my blind son and the quality is outstanding. He will keep this set for life. The pieces are beautiful and well designed.
This is a splendid chess set!

A Little Rough

The pieces are beautifully carved. It's easy to tell what each piece is supposed to be by touch, plus a little extra detail for flavor. No complaints in that area. The board has some nice heft to it, and a little circular fabric foot beneath each corner to avoid scratches when resting flat on a hard surface. Most of it is nice and smooth, bar the bit of grain that is to be expected. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if this is common or if I just got a faulty one, but there are a few places where it is rough to the touch. The finish could've been a bit more thorough. This does not effect playability by any means, but for $120 I hoped for a bit more attention to that kind of detail.

All in all I'm satisfied. It's sturdy and should survive countless conflicts to come. Not as polished as it could be, but functional.

Ben C
Best blind/limited vision board I've found online

I bought this as a gift and, almost immediately after opening it up, I decided I'd be buying another one for myself. The pieces and board are well put together and of much better quality than some others I've seen. This is worth every penny and only a blindfold away from playing an equitable game with friends having varying visual abilities.

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