Finding an attractive chess set that will be appreciated

  • November 14, 2017

In your search for an attractive chess set that's aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and always appreciated, here are tips to make that good choice!

This question has come up often. It's easy to become overwhelmed with the many choices of chess sets. It's even easier to select a chess set that might less than ideal for your specific situation.

However, when you speak with someone at Chess House, these recommendations will surface for an attractive chess set that's suitable for various specific needs, for example, playing at home with family member - or solo.

We've not only scrutinized chess sets for many years, we've learned what people like you appreciate most about an ideal chess set.

Material and build quality are crucial. Just as important is availability of replacements pieces should one be lost. Proper chess set storage can help with this of course, but it's important to buy your set from a store like Chess House where you're reassured you can easily receive a replacement part in the future.


Choosing that set for Home use

Playing chess with others at home is so often a highlight of the week, especially when children enthusiastically want to participate in this game time. It can be a needed break from electronics and positive time to connect with each other other.

Here are the ideal chess sets for this purpose, beginning with the Timeless Chess Set, right here.



Timeless Chess Set - Attractive Chess Set for the home

The Timeless Chess Set is a wonderful wood chess set for casual chess play at all levels and ages. At 19" front to back, it's a comfortable size to reach over and play. Durable hand-carved, full-size (3 3/4" tall) wooden chessmen are produced by skilled craftsmen in India and felted for a smooth playing experience on the European made wooden chess board. The alpha-numerics are a nice added touch, extra helpful for beginning players or those who appreciate the ease of identifying squares during replay of recorded games using chess notation. Shown with walnut board, there are a variety of board colors to vary the look to your liking.



Heirloom Chess Set - An Attractive Chess Set for the home

This Heirloom Chess Set is genuinely remarkable. The fine U.S. hand-made hardwood chess board pairs with elegant and detailed Grandmaster design pieces from some of India's finest craftsmen. Large (nearly 4" tall) cloth base pieces slide effortlessly on the walnut and maple squares. The 64 square playing field surrounded with a generous size border and nuanced grooves for a large 21" chess playing experience that will stun chess enthusiasts.

It's the chess set that will be treasured by your children because you made time for them.



Attractive chess set for Solo play

Very often someone who enjoys chess finds that there's no one nearby, willing, or suitably matched in playing level to enjoy the game together.

For this reason, electronic chess computers continue to fill this need wonderfully. A dedicated chess computer provides a chess opponent when and where it's wanted!

With advances in software, the latest chess computers are quite interesting and fun to play.

Staying true to the topic of attractive and aesthetically pleasing chess sets, there is one machine that we highly recommend, the Exclusive.


Mephisto Exclusive Chess Computer - an attractive chess set computer for solo players

The Millennium Exclusive is the latest, luxury, full-featured chess playing experience for anyone who would love to spend many hours of chess play on their own. That does not exclude other players however - as it is for player vs player chess as well, acting as a timer and referee. German engineered, it beautifully brings together nearly everything people have asked for in a stand-alone chess computer device, playing at any desired level. The playing is natural, with the computer automatically sensing the piece movements you make them with both on-board lighted display and LCD display.

While it may be beyond the budget of some, it's a wonderful chess playing experience for the primarily lone player to enjoy playing and improving at chess. As a gift, the Exclusive is perfect with excellent presentation in a black and red gift box.

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