Finding an attractive chess set for the home

Finding an attractive chess set for the home

Are you looking for a chess set that will be appreciated for many years? One that's aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting?

With so many choices on the Internet it can be a little overwhelming to know which one is ideal for you.

Here are Chess House, we have discovered what people appreciate most about an ideal chess set.

Style, material, and build quality are crucial. Just as important however is availability of replacements pieces should one be lost. That's one of the reasons it's a good idea to buy your sets from Chess House where you're reassured you can easily receive a replacement part in the future.

A chess set for your home

Playing chess with others at home may be a highlight of your week. Often, kids enthusiastically participate. It can be a needed break from electronics and positive time to connect with each other other.

Here's the ideal wood chess set for your home that fits most budgets and needs for play.

The Championship Chess Set is a wonderful wood chess set for casual chess play at all levels and ages.

19" front to back, it's a comfortable size to reach over and play.

Durable hand-carved, full-size (3 3/4" tall) wooden chessmen are produced by skilled craftsmen in India and felted for a smooth playing experience on the European made wooden chess board.

The alpha-numerics are a nice added touch, extra helpful for beginning players or those who appreciate the ease of identifying squares during replay of recorded games using chess notation.

Although the mahogany board is shown, there are a variety of board materials for you to choose from.


For an absolutely stunning set at home, upgrade the board to a U.S. handcrafted JLP style board. This Heirloom Chess Set is extraordinary. The tournament pieces slide effortlessly on the ultra-smooth wooden surface.

An Heirloom Chess Set is one that will be treasured by your loved ones.


Attractive chess set for solo play

Often someone enjoys chess yet doesn't not have a suitable playing partner. Electronic chess computers fill this need well!

A chess computer provides a chess opponent at any time. With advances in software, the latest chess computers are quite interesting and fun to play.

The Millennium Exclusive Chess Computer is PERFECT for all chess enthusiasts to enjoy the game at home.

While you play and move the pieces naturally, they are automatically recognized and the responses are shown directly on the board for you to play.  It's one of the best ways to relax and enjoy the game of chess. Just sit down and play.

It can be play at any level to give a challenging or easy game or to progress with growing skills! And it has many ways to configure and play the game. It's equipped with two of the most famous chess engines ever: The King and Chess Genius.

If you want to look further, here's guidance to help you find the ideal Electronic Chess Computer.

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