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Product Details

Get ChessLink and enjoy expanded connectivity of your ChessGenius Exclusive (sold separately) by integrating tablet, PC, and other devices. Millennium originally introduced the beautiful wood cabinet ChessGenius Exclusive Chess Computer with expansion in mind for upgrades and new features.

ChessLink connects Exclusive's already strong play experience, including autosensory piece recognition, to various devices via Bluetooth or USB. You'll be able to access powerful engines for analysis and online play.

For example, on IPhone and iPad, the app "Hiarcs Chess Explorer" by Mark Uniacke which offers, among other things, an adaptive game strength with display of the ELO value of the player. It reaches over 3000 ELO.

On Android devices, the app "Chess for Android" by Aart Bik has the ability to load UCI engines with future online play coming.

A powerful PC software is also in production.

That's just the beginning of how you can combine ChessLink with Exclusive and chart new territory with your chess experience!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Makes the Millennium Chess Genius Exclusive even more fun!

Love this accessory! Allows you to play on a real chess board (MCGE) against any UCI chess engine via the Hiarcs Chess Explorer software. Simple to connect and use. Many UCI chess engines (e.g. Hiarcs, Shredder, Cheese, MadChess, Tornado, Stockfish) can be "dumbed down", by lowering the strength setting , so that even chess novices have a chance to win. Also, most chess engines are very strong at the highest strength setting, have relatively large opening books, and get updated with new versions periodically, so you will never outgrow them like you can with stand-alone chess computers. And, of course, it's really nice not to have to look at your PC screen to see the moves of your opponents!

Great addition to a Millennium chess computer!

I bought a ChessLink with my new Millennium The King Performance. It worked perfectly the first time. I linked it via Bluetooth to my phone running the Chess for Android app, whereupon I can play against that app while interacting only with the actual King board. I was also able to use it to link the King board to a PC running HIARCS chess explorer, via USB, and use the board to play against an engine running on the PC. Great product!

Gives my Millennium Exclusive Lasker Edition a shot in the arm!

I really like the potential of Chess Link. I have paired it with HIARCS on my iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPhone XS. HIARCS gives Deep Junior on my MacBook Air a run for the money. It also plays sharp against Mac Shredder and Deep Shredder. I am looking forward for Chess Link being integrated with other Mac programs (Shredder, SmallFish, Chess Tiger, Chess Genius). Would also like to see Chess Link hook up with programs on my MacBook Air.

Best chess set I owned

Since this is a Christmas gift from my wife have not had many chances to use it. But it seems to be everything you said. Looking forward to using it with Hiarcs on iPad and my Mac.

Perfect Accessory

I've enjoyed my Millennium CGX for the last few months. (see my review) I just received the C-link which allows me to connect to my iPad and play Hiarcs using this board. It works great!

It is super easy to connect. Hiarcs recognized it immediately and prompted for the connection, without my having to search through menus to find the enabling command.

Another nice surprise: I had been playing a game with Hiarcs previously on my iPad. My MCGX recognized the game in progress and started flashing the squares for me to rearrange the pieces so I could continue playing the game using the board. It could not have been easier.

The Millennium Lang program that comes with the CGX uses a very intuitive menu system. Hiarcs does also. Of course, Hiarcs is already very well respected for it's enormous playing strength, human-like play, and it's ability to play at lower skill settings in a realistic way. All this, in a very easy to navigate format. Now, by adding the C-Link, I have all these advantages while playing on a handsome board. It's a great combination!

I highly recommend the Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive and the C-Link with Hiarcs on the iPad. I'm looking forward to see what PC based programs start offering Millennium compatibility too.

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