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Product Details

This bluetooth module for MILLENNIUM chessboards enables online play via the free ChessLink app as well as the use of chess apps on mobile devices.

The ChessLink is the tool for all who appreciate the comfort the real chess board along with the versatility of apps and online access.

This slim devices give you access to online platforms (,, or or various chess programs that you would normally have to play on screen. With the ChessLink you can play them on your comfortable MILLENNIUM boards:

- Classics Exclusive
- King Performance or Competition
- Supreme Tournament 55

Add ChessLink to enjoy expanded connectivity!

For example, on IPhone and iPad, the app "Hiarcs Chess Explorer" by Mark Uniacke which offers, among other things, an adaptive game strength with display of the ELO value of the player. It reaches over 3000 ELO.

On Android devices, the app "Chess for Android" by Aart Bik has the ability to load UCI engines with future online play coming.

That's just the beginning of how you can combine ChessLink with Exclusive and chart new territory with your chess experience!


  • Weight: 134g
  • Size: 4.92 x 3.86 x 1.3 inches
  • Power source: via power supply from chess computer

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Timothy Mansker
Excellent accessory

The king

Matthew Byrd
Works well , bought it for my son so we can play across the board.

It's working really well. Wish it was built into the board but I understand why they didn't.


Was easy to setup and connect. Works great with

claude benissan
A good product but need some finishing to make it perfect

A good product. The communication between board and cellphones is very fast.
The one thing to add : As you take a board piece ( mean move FROM) to show on your cellphone all Coach Advices. It should be easy to implement

Chee Kon
Easy to use and works very well but big size device.

The ChessLink is very efficient and easy to use. My only criticism is that the device is big and cumbersome. I have seen much much small Bluetooth devices. Also why can’t Millennium incorporate the Bluetooth into the board like many other boards e.g. Chessnut and Squareoff. I would have paid more for my Millennium Supreme Tournament if Bluetooth is incorporated into the board. Now I have this cumbersome big Bluetooth device sitting beside my board. What a pain.

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