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Product Details

The Budget Chess Club Kit helps you start a chess program most affordably with the ideal chess sets and supplies.

To help students concentrate, we've built each kit with green color chess boards. Based on scientific studies, green is the color most calming to the brain.

Your kit includes

  • 10 sets of regulation size 3 3/4" tall plastic chess pieces, ideal for new chess clubs.
  • 10 basic 20" club and tournament basic vinyl roll-up chessboards in green
  • 10 durable fabric drawstring chess bags to easily store each set and minimize piece loss. (Color and Style subject to change)
  • Vertical wall-hanging demonstration chess board for class instruction or presentation to a whole chess club.
  • 20 notation pads (scorebooks) for each player to record chess moves and game results. Each pad holds 50 games. Recording chess moves is a key to improving at chess. (Color subject to change)
  • 5 packs of 5 Colorful Chess Themed Pencils, totally 25 pencils

Guarantee for your peace of mind

If chess pieces are ever lost or broken, just reach out for easy, no hassle replacements. Friendly staff are always available to keep your chess equipment in good working order.

Storing your chess boards

Rolling up chessboards with squares facing out helps them lay flat again later when in use.

Do you need chess clocks?

If you're just starting out, they are not essential. However it's common to get one to five chess clocks early on in your club plan to equip players with chess timing skills. If your players will compete at state, regional, or national levels this will be an important skill to acquire. Playing with a chess clock adds a new level of strategy and calculation. It also helps with fairness, timeliness, and schedules. If you decide to add chess clocks to this kit, these are recommended.

Want a different product in your kit?

You might prefer starting with the chess sets and adding the other tailored supply selections separately. Start with the basic club chess sets with quantity discounts and add other school chess supplies.

Making it easy to source chess supplies for schools

More than 70% of top school districts already have Chess House as an approved vendor. School budgets often help cover chess supplies and curriculum. Ordering with a Purchase Order is straight-forward with Chess House. Schools and organizations that prefer this method of purchasing are encouraged to reserve products ahead of time by placing the order online to receive the quote, then filling out and providing the PO later with the numbers supplied. If you are unfamiliar with the process, see tips on ordering with a PO.

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