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Here's our most popular Grandmaster Chess Set with the European chessboard. Gift boxed, with quality drawstring bags, and How to Play guide.

Plan your next family gathering to include the ultimate home chess set. This premium USA handcrafted walnut and maple chess board is paired with Indian carved and polished chessmen in the prestigious Grandmaster style. Gift boxed, with quality drawstring bags, and How to Play refresher guide offer unmatched value to make it memorable.

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Play online with this portable, battery powered board. Connect your phone or tablet to play. Learn more

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Play any time against this chess computer built by the leader in chess computing, Millennium, in Germany. Learn openings and strategy, find your level and improve with ELO rating settings. Even play Chess960 variant. When you're ready for online play, add-on the ChessLink bluetooth to play others! Learn More

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Exclusive is currently the most luxurious and affordable hands-on electronic board game - perfect for solo chess play. Concentrate purely on your game! Unique automatic chess piece recognition with lightning-fast RFID technology ensures a full natural playing experience. The chess computer always knows which pieces is where. If a piece falls over, the square flashes. Switching your view between display and board is no longer necessary. Playing levels are nearly unlimited from beginner to very advanced levels. Exclusive is your ideal training partner. Built-in opening move library helps you understand the opening names and lines. Add-on ready modular design (play online with ChessLink, etc). Learn More

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Play online with this portable, battery powered board. Connect your phone or tablet to play. Learn More

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Built on the finest hardwood board.

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"The people at made my buying experience a real pleasure. They took the time necessary for me to feel very comfortable with my purchase. This order was important to me as this chess set was a main Christmas gift for my son. My mind is at ease and I am thankful for the opportunity to do business with a well run, engaged business like Thanks!"

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Splendid site. Usually the best price and quick and careful packaging and delivery.

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Beautiful website, easy to use, there is an obvious devotion to the game of chess and to quality boards and game pieces.

Trustworthy, good products, Chess House will be there when you lose those game pieces.